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Initially, SeniorNet had only three trainers. As membership increases over the years there is always a need for additional trainers. A number of SeniorNet members have been trained to teach others about computers and, as they are in the older age group, they are familiar with the many concerns that new members may have.   Any member should feel free to ask questions, to ensure that they can understand each component of the course.  

To Become a Trainer

If you are interested in a particular area and would like to share that interest with others please contact the Training Coordinator. You can develop confidence by being a runner for another trainer.   Once you feel you can manage the material as a presenter then you can lead either a workshop or a course. Having more trainers makes it better for all concerned.  

Trainer Assistants (runners)

All assistants (runners) are part of the Training Team. Each course requires assistants. This allows the Team to more easily assist everyone. It’s all about seniors helping seniors.  

Training Room

The SeniorNet Training Room is the clubroom in Norths Ipswich Leagues Club, 29 Pelican Street, North Ipswich.


New members have the option of attending two free sessions of up to 2 hours for an introductory class with a maximum of two students. All new members are then encouraged to do a Basic Computer Course. By learning the basics, you are preparing yourself to more easily understand further courses. Here are just some of the current courses offered by SeniorNet. Other courses will be offered as new technology arises.  Keep checking the website and newsletter.       

Course costs

Most course fees are currently $25 but special ones can cost up to $50.  The fee is payable on the first day of the course to cover the cost of manuals etc.    It is advisable to take a pen drive (USB flash drive), in case you want to save some of the information you have received, so that you can continue the work at home.  

 Numbers are limited in Courses.  Bookings must be made through the Training Co-ordinator.  New members are not able to enrol in courses until they have been issued with a membership number.         


Throughout the year, SeniorNet offers a number of workshops, and members are encouraged to attend. Information is available on our website and in the newsletter.     

All workshops are held on weekday mornings between 9am -11am in the clubroom of Norths Ipswich Leagues Club, 29 Pelican Street, North Ipswich.  Each workshop concerns a specific topic.  They are a good opportunity to enhance your knowledge and for course revision. They can introduce new ways to use a computer for some processes or programmes.

SeniorNet endeavours to teach subjects of interest to their members. Suggestions for courses or workshops are welcome.

Workshops can be subject to change if Trainers are unavailable due to illness or other commitments.

It is not necessary to book for Workshops.     A small fee applies.

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