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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to book to attend a workshop?
No, but early arrival is recommended to get the best position
I have been phoned by Microsoft/Internet Service telling me that my computer is infected/overloaded and that they can assist me on-line if I follow their instructions.  Can I trust them?
NO THIS IS A SCAM; do not cooperate.  See the Scams and Scares page.
When is your next Email (Spreadsheets/Photography.....) course scheduled
We schedule courses over two-month slots when demand for the courses is established (the alternative approach of year-long schedules will result in cancelled courses which wastes our limited facilities).  If you want to do a course, notify our Training Coordinator and raise the odds that we will slot it in.  Note that we also try to shuffle the weekdays for specific courses, so that they will not 'always' clash with your other activities; you should therefore book for a course even if the current programme puts it on an impossible day.
I want to buy a computer - can you tell me what to get?
There is no short answer to this question; you might as well ask 'Which car should I buy'. It is really a matter of what you want to do with it. That demands a discussion that will not fit on this page; click here to see a range of options on the topic.
Can SeniorNet recommend someone to fix up my computer?
We cannot make such a recommendation, as your requirements depend on your circumstances, and we are not prepared to accept responsibility if things don’t work out for you (see Disclaimer page).  However, we have prepared a listing of repairers whom other members have found satisfactory; click here to see it.
What is the difference between a tablet and an iPad?
A tablet computer, or simply tablet, is a one-piece mobile computer, primarily operated by touchscreen (the user's finger essentially functions as the mouse and cursor), although some tablets have a slide-out or detachable keyboard.  They are usually sized about 15cm to 25cm on the diagonal (small paperback through to A5 paper size).  The iPad is Apple’s brand of tablet, and was the first to achieve wide-ranging commercial success. However, iPads are currently outsold by Android-based devices – Android is a different operating system originally developed for mobile phones by Google – which are offered by a wide range of manufacturers.  This recent article compares current Android offerings.  Finally, the recently-released Windows 8 operating system is targeted at tablet computers and you can find comparisons on this page.

I cannot find a menu in the program (usually an internet browser) I am using
If you press the Alt key on your keyboard the menu will appear.  Note also that if you use the Alt key on any program you will access its keyboard shortcuts - each menu item will have an underlined letter, which you key to run that command; and in Ribbon control applications each ribbon tab, and then the buttons on a chosen ribbon, will be labelled with a letter for the same purpose
Can I safely use generic or refill cartridges in my printer?
You will be risking problems with your print head (if inkjet) or drum (if laser) by doing so.  If your cartridge has a built-in head or drum this is less of a problem as all you risk is the early loss of the cartridge.  If you printer has a separate print head it may clog - and although your warrenty is not invalidated by using generic spares it excludes damage caused by incorrect ink.
You will be told that the generic spare is exactly equivalent to the original; however, this is a bit like saying that E10 petrol is equivalent to unleaded - it may well be OK but much depends on your equipment.  You should note that each level of genuine cartridge has fine-tuned ink suited to the model of printer (for example, Canon 520 ink differs from CLI-8 ink).
How can I see a list sorted in a different order?
Most programs that display tables of items (such as emails, files and folders) have column headings that act as sort buttons.  Click on the 'Date' heading and the table is sorted from latest (at the top) to earliest (at the bottom.  Click on 'Date' again and the order is reversed.  'Name' will sort A-Z (but 0-9 come first).  Note that when you are looking at files you have to choose 'Details' view to see the table layout.
Can you explain the National Broadband Network?

It is too complex for a short answer; but there is a very good set of explanatory videos on this site.            

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