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The SeniorNet Constitution as at June 2012        Print version

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Topic Clause
Name 1
Objects 2
Powers 3
Classes of Membership 4
Application for Membership 5
Membership Fees 6
Admission and Rejection of Members 7
Termination of Membership 8
Appeal against Rejection or Termination of Membership 9
Register of Members 10
Secretary 10A
Membership of Management Committee 11
Resignation from Management Committee 12
Vacancies on Management Committee 13
Functions of the Management Committee 14
Meetings of Management Committee 15
Delegations of Powers of Management Committee 16
Acts not affected by defects or disqualifications 17
Resolutions of Management Committee without meeting 18
First General Meeting 19
First Annual General Meeting 19A
Subsequent Annual General Meetings 19B
Business to be Transacted at Annual General Meeting 20
Special General Meeting 21
Quorum at General Meeting 22
Notice of General Meeting 23
Procedure at General Meeting 24
By-Laws 25
Alteration of Rules 26
Common Seal 27
Funds and Accounts 28
Documents 29
Financial Year 30
Distribution of Surplus Assets to Another Entity 31

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