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Fear of Computers

This is a common problem for anyone who is not familiar with computers and age shouldn’t deter you from learning to use them.

Most of us drive a car which is more dangerous, but we still drive. By obeying the road rules and having safety features installed driving can be made safer. Computers are no different. Fear of malware and viruses etc. need not deter you from logging on to the Internet or using Email.   Protection is available.     

Fear of losing vital information stored on your computer can be an issue.  The only way to gain confidence is to learn and practise what you’ve learned, so that your fears are overcome. When working on projects, it is important to save and to save often.    

We hear about viruses, spam, and websites that are questionable, but there are ways to address these. For instance if you have a firewall, spam and antivirus protection, popup and adware removal, you are as safe as you can be, and the chance of a problem is reduced.  Don’t be afraid!  Don’t let fear stop you from enjoying this wonderful technology.

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