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Training Programme

Courses for May and June 2022


Boilerhouse Training Room, University of Southern Queensland, Ipswich
Workshop Times 9-11am; however the Boilerhouse is booked for the whole morning and this allows continued use of the facility if subject matter or participant interest requires it
COVID space restrictions limit workshop numbers to eight including the trainer.
Therefore BOOKINGS ARE ESSENTIAL through John McVeigh - email training@seniornet.com.au

Click or tap on any title for more information.  Workshops labelled B are targeted to beginners.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2nd May

3rd May
Android Basic 2: Apps
4th May

5th May

6th May
Coffee and Chat
  Ken Curwen      
9th May

10th May
Android: Google Calendar
11th May

12th May

13th May

Ken Curwen
16th May
17th May
18th May
19th May
20th May
Social Lunch
presenter presenter presenter presenter Redbank Plains Tavern
23rd May
Family Tree Maker: Photos
24th May
Word Step by Step 1
25th May

26th May

27th May
DNA Interest Group
Bette Fritz Ken Curwen Bette Fritz
30th May

31st May
Word Step by Step 2
1st June

2nd June

3rd June
Coffee and Chat
Ken Curwen Norths
6th June
Facebook Users Group
7th June
Word Step by Step 3
8th June

9th June

10th June
Trove: Advanced Search
Esmae Mander Ken Curwen Bette Fritz
13th June

14th June
Word Step by Step 4
15th June
Ipswich: The Bygone Days
16th June

17th June
Social Lunch
  Ken Curwen Esmae Mander   Racehorse Hotel
20th June
Sorting Family Files
21st June
Word Step by Step 5
22nd June

23rd June

24th June
DNA Interest Group
Esmae Mander Ken Curwen Bette Fritz
27th June
Family Tree Charts
28th June
29th June
30th June
1st July
Coffee and Chat
Esmae Mander Norths

*  For courses and workshops involving tablets (iPads and Androids) please make sure your device is charged and that you have your cable with you.  You can also find value in these workshops with a matching smartphone.

B  These workshops are targeted at members who are new to computing or tablets, or who need extra practice

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