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Choosing a Computer - Part 1

This discussion will take you through the choices you can make in selecting a computer

Apple vs. Windows

Apple computers (Macintosh, iMac) are 'closed' systems - and this is the most common kind of consumer product (you would not normally buy part of a car from Toyota and then expect to throw in another part from Holden). Apple design and supply the complete unit, including its operating system and many of its utility programs; the result is therefore a seamless experience.

Windows computers, on the other hand, are 'open' systems, much as occurs in home entertainment suites, where you might buy the TV from Panasonic, the PVR from Topfield and the surround sound from Samsung. Windows computers may not be as well integrated but you have a far wider choice of parts and programs. Also the competition has driven down the cost of the computer.

Positives for Apple:

Negatives for Apple

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