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Choosing a Computer - Part 2

Desktop vs. Laptop vs. Tablet

If you do not have the space for a dedicated desk for your computer you will have to choose a laptop. You may also choose a laptop because you want portability - to be able to work in your garden or on a trip. But do not purchase a laptop because, as a salesman may tell you, 'everybody gets one'. Note that in general laptops and desktops are comparably priced (early 2012).

Negatives for laptops

Often laptop users find they need to get a plug-in mouse, keyboard, even a screen - which uses up almost all the USB connections - you still have a printer and DVD drive to find holes for! By the time you add external speakers you have as static a unit as a desktop!

Negatives for desktops

Tablets are a separate kind of system; unless you use computers purely for keeping in contact with associates they are an additional system, not a replacement for a desktop/laptop. You will be using a touchscreen for a keyboard, so you cannot touch-type; and you have an even smaller screen, so you cannot multi-task.

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