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Clause 9 - Appeal Against Rejection or Termination of Membership

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  1. A person whose application for membership has been rejected or whose membership has been terminated may within one (1) month of receiving written notification thereof, lodge with the secretary written notice of the person's intention to appeal against the decision of the management committee.
  2. Upon receipt of a notification of intention to appeal against rejection or termination of membership the secretary shall convene, within three (3) months of the date of receipt by the secretary of such notice, a general meeting to determine the appeal.

2A. At any such meeting the applicant shall be given the opportunity to fully present the applicant's case and the management committee or those members thereof who rejected the application for membership or terminated the membership subsequently shall likewise have the opportunity of presenting its or their case.

2B. The appeal shall be determined by the vote of the members present at such meeting.

  1. Where a person whose application is rejected, does not appeal against the decision of the management committee within the time prescribed by these rules or so appeals but the appeal is unsuccessful, the secretary shall forthwith refund the amount of any fee paid.

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