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If you have reached this page you are probably an amateur webmaster wondering how to keep up with the changing world (I distinguish between amateur and professional webmasters on the next page).  If you are a professional you are unlikely to find anything you do not already know.

Google have altered their search system to favour smartphone-friendly websites if a search is conducted from a smartphone – see Google’s webpage for details.  Initially this did not seem to be of concern – members use computers and tablets, typically, to look at my websites, and my SeniorNet website is on the first page of any search for seniors’ computer training in Ipswich.  BUT potential members can be garnered via smartphones in the hands of the children/grandchildren of those potential members.  So something had to be done.  The images below link to my two websites to see what I decided to do.  (Note - I have more to say below this group of images).

Mobile Site Mobile Phone Views Full Site
SeniorNet Mobile Page   SeniorNet Full Page
Bach Mobile Page   Bach Full Page

The rest of this sub-site covers the following topics:

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