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The Internet Kiosk

SeniorNet have an Internet Kiosk in our office at the Humanities Building in South Street (corner Nicholas Street), Ipswich.  The kiosk features four computers with broadband access for use by older members of our local community and is staffed by our volunteer tutors.  The Kiosk was originally funded under the Australian Government ‘Broadband for Seniors’ initiative in 2008; in 2018 SeniorNet signed up to a replacement initiative of the Government, ‘Be Connected’.

 The internet kiosk offers the opportunity for older people to discover how the web can play a great part in helping them to stay in touch with friends and family, along with offering access to the wealth of information available online.  This is their chance to find out what all the excitement is about.  Seniors can learn at their own pace with dedicated volunteers available to help them and provide training in basic computer use, word processing, email and using the internet.

Our normal course consists of four FREE lessons covering: Introduction to the Computer and Windows; The Internet and how to explore it.  Each session is of ninety minutes duration and is booked on application to John.  The sessions have up to two attendees, and a tutor to guide you. This course also serves as an Introductory Course for members of SeniorNet.

 The course also enrols you in the Be Connected* programme as mentioned above.  This programme offers you free on-line self-learning modules which can reinforce your initial training and extend your knowledge further. 

So if you, or someone you know, would be interested in learning more about computers and the internet for free, please contact John or Phil as detailed in the contacts below.

*  You can check out ‘Be Connected’ at https://beconnected.esafety.gov.au/.  If you elect to sign up with ‘Be Connected’ as a member or student of SeniorNet please include your affiliation, when filling in the required details, by typing ‘seniornet’ in the training centre search box, then clicking on “SeniorNet Association Incorporated Ipswich”.   

For a listing of the current courses at 'Be Connected' click here


John McVeigh (Training Coordinator); phone 3281 8548; email training@seniornet.com.au
Phil Buchanan (Membership Officer): phone: 0431 527266: email infoten@internode.on.net

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