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Interest Groups

At the conclusion of any Workshop or Course session your trainer and fellow members will be happy to discuss any questions or suggestions you may care to offer.

However, SeniorNet particularly encourages follow-up discussions after certain Workshops as listed below.  They are annotated with the symbol in the training Programme page.

Tablet and Smartphone User GroupsiPad 2

These groups discuss the operation and applications of the various tablet and phone devices on an informal basis.  Note that, although iPads and iPhones are a form of tablet computer/smartphone, the name is specific to the Apple brand; most other tablets and smartphones (such as Samsung Galaxy and Asus Transformer) run under the Android operating system.  See our FAQ page for more information.

The iPad/iPhone user group follows on from the (approximately) monthly Workshops on iPad topics; and the Android user group is an extension of the monthly Android Workshops.



Genealogy Interest GroupTree

The Genealogy Interest Group  follows on from a Workshop each month on a topic of Genealogy (family history and recording).

Members will have the opportunity to just talk freely about an interest of theirs and maybe do something with what information they have - for example, write a story about someone or something or some event and include photos - rather than just leaving their information in a drawer or cupboard.  The story could be written with a word processor or more formally produced within a standard Genealogy programme.

They are also encouraged to 'show and tell' their historic memorobilia.

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