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About the Internet


Our website www.seniornet.com.au has a great deal of up to date information and it is important to log into it regularly to access links to information about our organization.  If members would like to share useful links all they need to do is send them to the Webmaster so they can be included in the links section.  


Many of us don’t understand about security and the various ways of protecting ourselves on the Internet. Security is protection for your PC against viruses and other nasties  


Spam comes as unwanted Emails with advertising of various types. It can also carry viruses.  


These annoying advertisements appear anywhere when using the Internet, blocking the screen, and sometimes being difficult to remove.  


These rogue programs spread and do a lot of damage if not stopped. They come in through Emails, attached to files etc, and once installed in your computer, may do considerable damage to the point where you may need professional help to repair your computer.  


Spyware reports personal details found on your computer to its originator. Visiting unknown websites can allow spyware to enter your computer and spyware can be attached to downloads such as screensavers, games, Emails etc.    


Every time you log on to the Internet, your computer is vulnerable to outsiders tracking the sites you visit. Often this is not a threat, but sometimes it can be dangerous.    


When you receive an unsolicited email pretending to be from a legitimate organisation such as a bank, asking you to click on a link, be very wary as the link could lead to a site requesting personal details and passwords. These can be used to gain access to your bank account or other Internet accounts. Most of them look legitimate with letterheads etc. Delete any such Emails immediately and never click on the link. These Emails do look genuine and have caught out many people. Banks do not contact customers by Email regarding their personal details. It is important that you do not provide anyone with your details; otherwise you could find that all your money has been removed from your account.    

The Solution

There are programmes available to prevent the intrusion of damaging adware, spyware, malware, viruses etc.  They are not 100% safe but can remove or stop virtually all of these infections. With no protection, you are sure to be infected. Exercise caution when you choose to download programs from the Internet, such as adware, firewalls, and antivirus protection. Some are legitimate free programs but experts warn that they are sometimes a front for spyware, tracking etc. Many members of SeniorNet use some of the free programs. Check with other members to find out which ones are safe to use.

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