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Committee and Meetings


The Committee of SeniorNet is a dedicated and active group. Committee positions have increased as the membership has grown.

Information on the make-up of the committee is available here. If you wish to find out what a position entails, then please contact one of the committee members.

Become an Active Member

No matter how long you have been a member, you are encouraged to look at becoming involved in various areas of SeniorNet.  Your personal skills could be an asset to SeniorNet.

Committee involvement can be a rewarding and beneficial experience for those who give their time.

The Committee is made up of people from many walks of life.  They are a group of senior people who wish to remain active.  They may have health problems and lower energy levels but they still volunteer their time and skills.

Please consider taking on a Committee position.    

Your help is vital for the organization and its members.      


Committee Meetings are held regularly through the year.  Sub-committees may meet regarding specific interests or issues when necessary. They then report to the committee and if necessary, to the general meeting.    


General Meetings are held at the Environmental Centre Meeting Room, Queens Park, Ipswich. This meeting normally has a guest to speak on a topic of interest to seniors and is followed by a shared lunch.    

The Annual General Meeting with the election of committee members is held on the first Monday of October each year. The following forms are available on the SeniorNet web site  


Minutes of the SeniorNet General Meetings are Emailed to members who are connected to the internet.  Other members can request a copy to be posted.

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