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Those of us who grew up prior to the 1970s could not have imagined the impact technology would have on our lives.

Most homes have computers. These have changed the way we do things. Instead of making a phone call or writing a letter, we sit at our computer and send an e-mail. It may not be as personal but in our busy lives it is convenient and cheap.

We are able to pay our accounts online, check bank statements, catch the latest news and sport results, read a newspaper, read a book, find hobbies, play games or research whatever we find of interest. The list is endless.

If we ignore the benefits of having computer knowledge we miss out on so much in this 21st century. Seniors shouldn’t be left behind. By joining a group such as SeniorNet you will be one of the many older people throughout the world who have embraced this technology.

This handbook is designed to help you understand who we are, and provides information to ensure you enjoy being a member of this great organization. It includes SeniorNet’s history, information on courses available, the committee, our sponsors and supporters.

SeniorNet abides by the legal requirements that are current for incorporated not-for-profit organizations.  

Mission Statement  

The Mission of SeniorNet is to offer training in Communication and Computer Skills as well as companionship to our fellow senior citizens.    

Vision Statement  

The Vision of SeniorNet Association Incorporated is to provide the opportunity to enhance the lifestyle of the members by social interaction and provide them with the training to develop their Computer Skills to access the world of Information Technology, at present and also in the future.  

The SeniorNet Constitution

Our Constitution is available on request or can be downloaded from the SeniorNet Web site   www.seniornet.com.au  

 Our Motto    


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