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SeniorNet runs workshops twice weekly at which a specific topic is presented and practiced.  They operate on a walk-in basis (no booking required) and run from 9-11am (but may extend beyond that time if necessary).  Members pay $5 to attend.  The full programme is found on our Programme page in the full website.


SeniorNet runs full courses, usually of 3 or 4 weeks duration, with fees for most being $25.  You have to inform the Training Enquiries Officer if you wish to attend a course; and when sufficient applicants have been accumulated that course will be scheduled and you will be contacted to confirm your attendance.

The full list of courses can be found on the main Website Courses page

For course bookings contact the Training Coordinator,  John McVeigh phone 3281 8548;
                          email training@seniornet.com.au

Broadband for Seniors Kiosk

SeniorNet also runs a free course under the Broadband for Seniors (Australian Government Initiative).  The internet kiosk offers the opportunity for older people to discover how the web can play a great part in helping them to stay in touch with friends and family, along with offering access to the wealth of information available online.  

Our normal course consists of four sessions: Introduction to the Computer and Windows; The Internet and how to explore it; Webmail and how to join it; Webmail emails and attachments.  Each session is of ninety minutes duration and is booked on application to Colleen.  The sessions have up to two attendees, and a tutor to guide you.

This course also serves as an Introductory Course for members of SeniorNet.  You do not need to be a member of Seniornet to take advantage of this course.

Contact Colleen Freeman (Kiosk Coordinator):

phone 3281 4414: email freemandc6@bigpond.com

User Groups

SeniorNet runs monthly group sessions after a relevant workshop on iPad, Android and Genealogy (fourth Monday)

Current Workshops (9-11am)


Tuesday 27th - Copying Cassettes to Computer 2

Phil Buchanan

Friday 30th - PowerPoint Step-by-Step 1

Barbara Bottenberg


Wednesday 5th - Drawing in Word

Ken Curwen

Friday 7th - PowerPoint Step-by-Step 2

Barbara Bottenberg

Wednesday 12th - Windows 10 File Explorer

Phil Buchanan

Friday 14th - PowerPoint Step-by-Step 3

Barbara Bottenberg

Current Events

Social Lunches (all commence 12.30pm)

Friday 21st July at Club Services Ipswich

Current Courses

No current courses due to lack of demand - however the PowerPoint series of Workshops can be taken as a course


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