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iPad, Windows 8 and Android Tablet and Phone Courses

Tablet computers and smartphones come in various brands.  All Apple brand tablets (and smart phones) use a specific operating system * called iOS.  Most other brands of tablet (and smart phone) are excluded from iOS and use instead an operating system called Android (from Google); however, manufacturers can and do make minor changes to the user interface.  The latest version of the Windows operating system, Windows 8, is designed for use on tablets/phones as well as personal computers and laptops, and a limited range of such tablets is now on the market.

We teach all three forms of tablet in two sequential courses:

You will need to bring your tablet or phone (and a USB drive to store resources for later viewing on a computer) to the course.

When you book, you will need to state the brand of tablet or phone you have, so that you can be enrolled in the correct course.  (as implied above, iPad/iPhone , Windows 8 tablets/phones and Android tablets/phones need to be taught separately.)

* On any type of computing device, the operating system (OS) is a collection of software that manages the computer hardware and provides services for computer programs, such as organising the files. Windows, for example, is an operating system for desktop computers and laptop computers.

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