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Introduction to Windows Synopsis

The Introduction to Windows course is designed to provide you with an understanding of how the Windows interface works, and to introduce you to some of the standard utilities supplied with the operating system.  The course material is supplemented with extensive notes and a CD of resources.

You will learn about the desktop, including the taskbar and how to personalise the desktop.  You will also learn to use the Start menu (Start Screen in Windows 8).

You will be shown how a computer is organised into files, folders and libraries; and how to use external flash drives and the Recyle bin.

You will use Wordpad for simple word processing, Paint for pictures, Internet Explorer to access the internet, DVD maker to create DVD disks, and you will be shown email and web mail for internet messaging.

You will be shown the basics of computer maintenance, including System Restore, Update, and hard drive error checking.

Finally you will be given lists of useful freeware and open-source software.



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