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Training Programme

 Workshops and Courses for July-August 2019


Boilerhouse Training Room, University of Southern Queensland, Ipswich
9-11am with possible extension to 11.30am

It is not necessary to make bookings for Workshops. Cost of Workshop $5.00.
Please bring a USB Flash drive to all workshops, and your USQ username and password.

Click or tap on any title for more information.  Workshops labelled B are targeted to beginners.

Entries with a maroon border are courses.  IT IS NECESSARY to book a place on a course.  See the Courses webpage for a full listing and for booking procedure or contact the Training Coordinator John McVeigh
phone 3281 8548; email training@seniornet.com.au  

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2nd July
Word Step-by-Step 5
  4th July
Enhancing Word Documents 1
Ken Curwen   Barbara Bottenberg  
  10th July
Android Automation Apps *
  12th July
Excel Formulas 1
  Ken Curwen   Peter Wighton
16th July
Enhancing Word Documents 2
17th July
  19th July
Social Lunch
Barbara Bottenberg Phil Buchanan   Thai Chuan Chim
  24th July
Windows Photo Organisers
  26th July
Genealogy: Family Tree Maker
  Ken Curwen   Doreen Hayward
30th July
Templates in Word
    2nd August
Excel Formulas 2
Barbara Bottenberg     Peter Wighton
  7th August
Life after Windows 7
8th August
Organising your Files and Folders B
  Phil Buchanan Joan McKenzie  
  14th August
Android Voice Commands *
15th August
Page Layout in Word
16th August
Social Lunch
  Ken Curwen Peter Wighton Plantations
20th August
No Topic Workshop
    23rd August
Genealogy: Preserving Items
Phil Buchanan     Doreen Hayward
27th August
Beyond Google
28th August
Online Security
Ken Curwen Phil Buchanan    

*  For courses and workshops involving tablets (iPads and Androids) please make sure your device is charged and that you have your cable with you.  You can also find value in these workshops with a matching smartphone.

B  These workshops are targeted at members who are new to computing or tablets, or who need extra practice

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